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Want to hit the ball further? Need more strength to get through the heavy rough? Does your back hurt after a long round? Check out the links below for the our favorite places to learn about how exercise can help you play better golf now! Bonus: Tigers crazy workout routine! Best shoes for training at

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 Diabetes is affecting people at younger and younger ages, and the rates of onset of the disease have grown enormously. The good side of the equation – diabetes is very preventable. By engaging in exercise and staying active, keeping weight under control, and choosing a lifestyle of healthy eating, people can prevent most cases of this disease. The elements of diabetes will first be presented, followed by using exercise and healthy eating to prevent the onset of diabetes. The Nature of Diabetes The actual name for the disease is diabetes mellitus, and it is a group of disease that...

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Anytime I talk up the health benefits of playing golf, I am often met with chuckles or sideways glances. "It's just golf! You ride around in a cart and walk a few hard can it be?" Those people are usually not golfers. Avid golfers will likely report that golf has in fact been great for their health, especially those of an advanced age. It's true - playing a round of golf will never be confused with running a marathon. Consider the following points, however, to get a better picture of the positive effect golf does have on the millions...

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