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In many ways, the driver can be considered the most important club in the bag. After all, without a good drive you are left to scramble the rest of the hole. It doesn't matter how good your iron shots are if you are always punching out from the trees. Splitting the fairway with accuracy and distance sets you up you score well, and actually makes the rest of the game easier. So how to you gain control and consistency with your driver? The following four tips are a great place to start. Learn Your Patterns. One easy way to hit...

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If you asked golfers to name their favorite club in the bag, I'd bet the majority would say their driver is the clear winner. I mean, who doesn't like the feeling of reaching down to pick you your tee after sending one flying down the middle of the fairway? The driver gives you a chance to reach back and swing your hardest because the ball is up on a tee and the club head is nice and forgiving. Using a driver that is well-suited to your swing is a great feeling that builds confidence in your game as a whole....

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