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Prepare for Launch – The Best Women’s Golf Driver

If you asked golfers to name their favorite club in the bag, I'd bet the majority would say their driver is the clear winner. I mean, who doesn't like the feeling of reaching down to pick you your tee after sending one flying down the middle of the fairway? The driver gives you a chance to reach back and swing your hardest because the ball is up on a tee and the club head is nice and forgiving. Using a driver that is well-suited to your swing is a great feeling that builds confidence in your game as a whole. When looking for the best women's golf driver for your game, take special note of the following points.

Shaft Flex. Most likely, you will want to use a graphite shaft in your driver. That is the most popular choice, and because of its combination of light weight and flex graphite produces the longest ball flights. Within graphite shafts, however, are a variety of flexes. When choosing which flex to purchase in your driver, try to demo a few different shaft and club head combinations. Your local pro shop should have no problem with you test driving some clubs and choosing the one you like best. NOTE: When in doubt on shaft flex, go with the softer option. You never want to be fighting against your clubs by choosing a shaft that is too stiff.

Adjustable Weights. Many of the new drivers on the market have adjustable weights in the head that can customize your ball flight. For example, someone who fights a hook could move weight into the toe of club to reduce that tendency. These are great features - if you will use them. Clubs without this technology are usually cheaper, so take some time to think about your game and if you will use the moveable weight feature. If it doesn't appeal to you, save the money and get a driver without. You can still find one that fits you perfectly and creates great shots.

Removable Shafts. Along the same lines as the adjustable weights, many drivers now have shafts that are easy to pop out and swap with a different one. Another great technology that is only useful if you will put it into play. If you are a golfer that likes to experiment with your driver, then by all means opt for this style. You will save time and money being able to snap shafts in and out as opposed to getting whole new drivers. However, this is another option that is not a necessity and will cost you more at the register.

The best women's golf driver is the one that you hit in right down the middle. Okay, so that was a little cheesy, but it's true. Try a variety of clubs and choose one that looks and feels good to you. Ideally you will get a ball flight that is flat, don't spin very much, and runs out after it lands. These days, the heads of the drivers are so similar among manufacturers that you really have to trust your instinct and what you like best. If you are choosing from the top few club makers, they are all of good quality and can produce great golf shots. Hit several different options and when you come upon the right one, you will know it immediately.