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If you are hosting a golf outing and needs prizes or gifts, please contact us. We can offer you bulk discount prices on most items. Some of our more popular promotional items have been: Crystal Golf Balls Visors Ball Markers Hats Accessory Bags We typically recommend that you stay away from size items such as golf gloves. The above items are perfect awards for long drive and closest to the pin contests. We want to make your outing a success, let East Coast Golf Sales help with your golf gifts and prizes!

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gift ideas, golf accessories, golf gifts, womens golf gift ideas -

Just because golf has a reputation as a game for stuffy old people, doesn't mean it has to be that way. In fact, golf is played by people of all ages with a wide range of personalities. For many ladies, that means demonstrating their personality with a wide variety of fun accessories for their golf bag and wardrobe. The following list provides a few ideas for great ways to include some style and flair in your overall golf experience. Golf Towel. The golf towel is an easy place to add some personality to your golf bag. Some ideas include ladies...

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When you are dealing with marketing, it is hard to know what you can believe. When you see claims that a women’s golf ball will go farther off of your club than a ball designed for a man, should you believe them? Well, the answer is that it depends. In general, yes, a ladies golf ball will fly father for a female golfer than if that same golfer used a men’s golf ball. However, that is not a hard and fast rule. To better understand this issue, you need to understand how a golf ball works. When the ball is...

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