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Golf Swing Tips – Five Easy Fixes for Women

Many golf tips are gender-neutral and apply to anyone that plays the game. There are, however, some swing tips that can be aimed at just women specifically. This article highlights five great tips that are meant to improve the game of any female player.

Use a Strong Grip. Generally speaking, men have larger and stronger hands than women. Additionally, most men have more strength in their forearms than us women do. For that reason, we need to use a stronger grip on the club in order to general power in our swings. Make sure your left hand (for a RH player) is turned so that you can see three knuckles at address - that will ensure your grip is in a strong position.

Steeper Swing Plane. Because of the obvious anatomical differences between men and women, the swing plane needs to be slightly different. Where men can swing their arms back across their chest, ladies have an ‘obstacle' in the way. To combat that, women should try swinging the club on a steeper plane which means that both arms swing away from the body farther during the backswing.

Play the Ball Forward. Since most female golfers have a lower swing speed than do male golfers, it is wise to move the ball up in the stance. That ball positioning encourages a ‘flatter' impact that takes a smaller divot. By avoiding a big divot, more of the clubs energy will be transferred to the ball and maximum distance will be achieved. This is also a good strategy because a ladies golf ball tends to spin a lot and stop quickly, meaning the descending blow that most men try for in order to generate spin is not needed.

Slow Change of Directions. Women's golf clubs are lighten than men's, so they should be swung a little slower to maintain control and consistency. If the change of direction from backswing to downswing is too abrupt, the player may lose the feel for the club head and have trouble making consistent contact. Using a gradual change of direction improves the chances that the strike will be clean and the ball will start on the proper line.

Wider Stance. In general, men have larger feet than women. Those bigger feet mean that men have an easier time keeping their balance during the swing because they have more surface area contacting the ground. Without that advantage, women can fall off balance when swinging hard. To make up for smaller feet, women should consider swinging from a wider stance. That stable base will make up for the difference in shoe size, and help all lady golfers stay nicely balanced.

There is nothing wrong with noting the differences between men and women when it comes to the golf swing. We women are fully capable of playing great golf just like men are; we only need to be aware that not all golf instruction applies to both sexes. Use the tips above to narrow down what areas of your game can be improved by tailoring your swing specifically to your body.