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Five Easy Beginner Golf Tips for Women

When starting out in the game of golf, all of the information can be a little overwhelming. There seem to be a million different tips to remember, and it is embarrassing when they don’t all come together and you can’t seem to hit the ball. The first step for a beginner to take toward better golf is simply limiting the amount of information that is taken in. Too much instruction is worse than not enough in most cases. This article will present you with the five pieces of information that every beginner female golfer needs to have. If it isn’t on this list, chances are you don’t need to worry about it just yet.

- Get a Good Grip. By far the most important aspect of building your golf swing is having a comfortable grip on the club. If the club is twisting and turning in your hands during the swing, you don’t stand much of a chance. To get a good grip, place your top hand on the club first with your thumb running down the side of the grip opposite of your target. From there, simply add your bottom hand in a comfortable position, and you are ready to swing.

- Keep Your Eyes Down. You might hear that you need to keep you head down, but that is bad advice. In fact, the important part is that your eyes stay down on the ball during the swing. Your head can, and should, move slightly from side to side while your body rotates back and through.

- Tee it High. Make sure to tee your ball high enough when you are hitting your driver. Many new golfers will tee it low because they are afraid to go under the ball, and make the swing more difficult in the process. Tee it high and stay on balance to hit your longest drives yet.

- Practice Putting Speed. Rather than the full swing, wasted shots on the putting green are what add up most beginners’ scores quickly. When you get a chance to practice you putting, focus most of your attention on getting the speed right. You are unlikely to miss the proper line by more than a foot, but it is easy to miss the speed by several feet if you aren’t careful. When you can dial in the proper speed on most of your putts, you can eliminate three putting from your scorecard and save several shots per round.

- Be Proud. Golf is a hard game, and you are sure to struggle some at the start – we all do. One of the best traits a new golfer can have is the ability to not worry about what others think and just keep on improving. Most likely, other people are too worried about their own game to care much about yours anyway. Be proud of your game thus far and keep striving to get better round after round.

Being a beginner on the golf course is a scary, but exciting, time. You have tons of room for improvement, and many great accomplishments ahead of you. Stick with the tips above to get your game off the ground, and look for more complex instruction only when you have mastered this list. Good luck!