How to Choose Women's Golf Clubs

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How to Choose Women's Golf Clubs

Shopping for a new set of women's golf clubs can be very exciting. It is always fun to hit the course with new sticks, and there is always the hope that the new clubs will be a big boost to your game. But how to you know which women's golf clubs to choose? There are a few factors to consider when narrowing down your choices. Ultimately, it needs to be a combination of personal preference and what makes sense for your game. Weigh the following points when picking out your next set.

Your Handicap. The first thing to consider is how good of a golfer you are at the present time. It is important to be honest with yourself in this measure. You are not thinking about how good you want to be, but rather how good you are right now. If you have a lower handicap (under 10 or so) you can consider a more advanced set of clubs. Such a set will have smaller club heads that are a little more difficult to hit, but also provide greater control. If you are a high handicap player at the moment, limit your search to more forgiving options with large club heads. This style will give you the most margin for error and provide good results even if your swing is inconsistent.

Visual Tastes. A golf club should look good to you at address in the moments before you start your swing. With any clubs you are considering buying, place them down into an address position and see what you think of the look. Some clubs look wider than others, and some have different colored markings. There is no right or wrong answer on this point, it is just a matter of personal preference. Take a look at a few different options to narrow down what is most appealing to you.

Steel or Graphite. Everyone should be using a graphite shaft in their driver, so that is a non-issue. In a ladies' iron set however, you can reasonably choose between steel and graphite. Most off-the-rack women's sets include graphite shafts, but steel can work for some ladies' as well. Steel shafts are heavier and stiffer than graphite, so they make a good choice for a strong female golfer who already has plenty of power. If you consider yourself average to below average in terms of swing speed, you are best to stick with the graphite shafts.

There is no one ‘perfect' set of golf clubs for every player. The truth is, you can get the job done on the course with a wide variety of clubs. The only requirement is that they are well suited to your game and make you feel confident and comfortable. Don't pick clubs based on marketing or because someone else you know uses them. Work through the process for yourself and find a set that is well matched up to your game. A new set of clubs may not fix every ailment in your game, but it certainly can be a good start.


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