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How are Women’s Golf Clubs Different than Men’s?

When starting out buying a set of clubs, the assortment of choices can be a little overwhelming. If you haven't played much (or any) golf before, all of the clubs probably look the same to you. Believe it or not, the sales person isn't just trying to make a buck off of you - your clubs do matter. You don't have to spend thousands, but you do need to choose clubs that are right for you. Most likely, that means finding a good set of women's golf clubs instead of just making due with a men's set. Not sure why you need women's clubs? Read on.

Lightweight. The most important way that women's golf clubs are different than men's is the overall weight. All of the components of a ladies club weigh less than a men's club, so the total assembled weight is significantly lower. Since most women don't have the same upper body strength as the men, the lighter club promotes a faster swing and more club head speed at impact. The lighter weight also makes the clubs easier to swing over a full 18-hole round.

Softer Flex. Women's golf clubs also come standard with a softer shaft flex than men's clubs. This is another way to improve swing speed and total distance. A women's flex club bends easier during the swing so not as much effort is required to compress the ball and get it airborne.

Shorter Shafts. In general, women are shorter than men. For that reason, women's golf clubs are built with a shorter overall length than men's clubs. That makes them more comfortable at address and easier to keep control of during the swing. It is important to remember, however, that just because you are a woman doesn't mean the standard women's length will work for you. If you are taller than average, be sure to get fitted for your clubs so they are just right for your individual body.

Smaller Grips. Women's golf clubs also come installed with smaller grips to accommodate smaller hands. These women's grips fit easier in shorter fingers and allow for more control than using larger men's grips that fill up your hands. Just as with height, however, different women have different sized hands. Be sure to have your hand size measured as well and get grips that are optimum for you.

In general, women's golf clubs are a great choice for women. The lighter weight and smaller size make them easier to manage and maximizes the potential power of the golfer. However, not all women are made alike so it is still important to get custom fitted. If you are much taller than average, it is wise to look into getting your clubs modified. You will still want ladies clubs to take advantage of the other benefits like the softer shaft flex, but you don't want to use clubs that are too short for you. Once you have found the perfect women's golf club set you will be all set to work on improving your swing and lowering your scores.