Getting Started in the Game – The Best Ladies Golf Clubs for Beginners

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Getting Started in the Game – The Best Ladies Golf Clubs for Beginners

So you are thinking of taking up golf? Congratulations! Golf is truly one of the greatest games in the world, and one that can last you a lifetime. You will make friends, get fresh air and exercise, and consistently challenge yourself to be better. While you don't have to play great golf to enjoy the game, it does help to get off to a good start. Seeing some early success will have you hooked and wanting to come back for more. Having the perfect set of ladies golf clubs for beginners you will give yourself the best chance of hitting some good shots your very first time out. Consider the following points when picking out your first set -

Lightweight. To start out, you are going to want clubs that are lightweight. Usually, this means looking for a set that uses graphite shafts rather than steel. The graphite weighs less and also flexes more than steel. That combination means you will be able to swing the club faster and get longer distance out of your shots. Also, lighter clubs are easier on your hands, which is a great benefit when just starting out.

Good Grips. Make sure the grips on any set of clubs you purchase are comfortable for your hands. One of the biggest keys to a good swing is a solid grip, so you want your hands to feel secure throughout the swing. If you get used clubs for your first set, it would be a wise investment to spend a few dollars per club on brand new grips. Any local pro shop or golf store will be happy to install the grips if you purchase from them.

Large Headed Driver. Look for a set that includes a driver in the 400cc-460cc range. CC's refers to the volume of the club head itself, and 460cc is the maximum allowed under the rules. A larger club head is easier to hit, and will be more forgiving on the bad swings that are sure to happen when first starting. A lightweight, large headed driver will be your best friend early on because it is the easiest club to hit in the bag.

Proper Length Putter. By far the most overlooked aspect of a beginner set of clubs is the length of the putter. Since a putt is such a simple swing, most people assume the putter itself isn't that important. However, putting with a club that is too long or too short is very difficult. Make sure the putter you buy is easy to use when standing comfortably. If not, go to a golf shop and have them measure you for a putter and adjust yours accordingly. That will be a simple and inexpensive modification that will be worth your money down the road.

Take your time in picking out your first set of golf clubs. While hitting good shots is ultimately up to you, the clubs do play an important role. Keep in mind the list of points above while shopping, and don't hesitate to ask for help from sales people or more experienced golfers. You want to buy a quality set that fits you well and can last for several years of golfing.  You can always count on for the best advice and recommendations!


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