The Newton's Cradle Putter

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This is the putter that harnesses the conservation of momentum and energy of Newton's Cradle to help golfers putt with more accuracy. The patented curved, sphere-like putter head has the same diameter (1.68") of a golf ball, enabling it to strike the ball precisely at its equator, increasing a golfer‰ۡó»s putting accuracy. The head is made from solid stainless steel, weighs a substantial 14 3/4 oz., and has milled grooves on the face, generating immediate forward roll when the ball is struck and initiating a crisp, tight topspin that even scratch golfers long for. Orange markings on top of the head help golfers properly align each putt, the tapered steel shaft is mounted in the center of the putter head, and the rubber, mid-sized pistol grip promotes a controlled, confident stroke. The putter conforms to USGA standards. Includes a custom leather head cover with a magnetic closure. Right handed. Size: 34"-long shaft with a 70̴åÁ lie. (2 lbs.)