Ladies Golf Glove Sizing Guide

Gloves are important to wear when playing a round of golf. Specially-designed golf gloves ensure a comfortable and firm grip when holding and swinging golf clubs repeatedly; not wearing one or wearing wrong sized gloves can lead to hand aches and painful calluses. However, it can be confusing to try and figure out a person’s correct glove size. Fortunately, it only takes a few quick steps to figure out correct sizes of ladies golf gloves.

It is also important to note that figuring out a woman’s golf glove size is different from figuring out the size for a male or a child. This is because women’s hands tend to be more slender and smaller than men’s hands, so both men and women require different ways to determine glove sizes.

1. The first step is to decide which hand needs to be measured for the golf glove. Golf gloves are designed to provide comfort and a good grip to a golfer’s weaker hand. So, right handed golfers should measure their left hand because the left hand is considered weaker. Likewise, left handed golfers should measure their right.

2. Next, take a tape measure and wrap it around the middle of the hand. The tape measure should cover over the knuckles but should not cover the thumb. Record the measurement.

3. The final step is to determine the actual measurement. Compare your measurement with the charts below.

A general guideline in inches is as follows:

Extra-small: 6 inches
Small: 6½ inches
Medium: 7 inches
Large: 7½ inches
Extra-large: 8 inches

A general guideline in centimeters is as follows:

Extra-small: 15 centimeters
Small: 17 centimeters
Medium: 18 centimeters
Large: 19 centimeters
Extra-large: 20 centimeters

Note: If you are in between sizes – you should round down as the gloves with stretch slightly.

While different golf brands may have their own specific size charts for gloves, most golf companies follow the same general sizing guidelines. In this way, you can shop for online or in stores and expect a golf glove that is a perfect fit.

Figuring out the correct size of golf gloves for women is simple, but it is also a very important. Golf gloves help to prevent blisters and painful aches that could ruin the enjoyment of a game. It also makes gripping the club more comfortable and can even help improve a woman’s swing. They are also a great fashion accessory!

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