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Assembling Your Weapons - Finding the Best Ladies Golf Clubs

Any experienced golfer will tell you that it is far more about the person swinging the club than the club itself. However, there is a lot that can be done when picking out golf clubs to optimize the marriage between a golfer and her sticks. Good clubs won't fix a bad swing, but they will get the most out of it. Good clubs will also be able to reward your best swings with incredible results. The best ladies golf clubs are those that fit your swing and give you the results you are looking for. When considering new clubs, weigh the following factors -

Existing Ball Flight. Think about the flight you normally get on your shots, and how you would it to change. For example, do you currently hit the ball on a low trajectory and want to get it higher? If that is the case, you want to look for some perimeter weighted clubs that have a low center of gravity which helps in attaining a higher flight. On the other side, golfers who hit the ball high already should look for a more ‘blade' designed club that will lower the flight of the ball. Also take into account the conditions you typically play in. If you play on soft courses, a high ball is ideal because there won't be much run after the ball lands. In drier conditions, you can play lower shots and let them run up to the target.

Distance vs. Control. Another factor is how satisfied you are with your distance currently, and what you want your new clubs to provide. If you are seeking to add distance, consider graphite shafts and a driver with more loft for additional carry. However, if you are pleased with your current power and just want to gain some control, consider either steel shafts or stiffer graphite. The decrease in flexibility will help you control the clubface better and narrow down your shot pattern.

Custom Fit. To have clubs that are perfect for your game, you should consider going through a custom fitting. This process will provide you with detail info on everything from shaft flex to lie angle and shaft length. Remember, you don't have to buy clubs from the place where you do your fitting. Just pay for the fitting as you would a regular golf lesson, and take the information with you. From there, you can shop for clubs wherever you like and provide the specs to the store that wins your business.

Whether you are looking for new clubs to improve your performance of just replace an old set, consider the above points carefully. Golf clubs are a significant investment so take your time to do research and think about what needs you have in your game. After getting fitted and settling in on a brand or two, look around for a good deal. Make sure to buy from a reputable dealer who will honor warranties and refund offers in case you don't like the clubs or something goes wrong with them. Once you have carefully chosen both your clubsand your retailer, you can buy with confidence knowing you are ready to take your game to the next level.