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Choosing the Best Ladies Golf Ball - Picking Out Eggs

The golf ball is an important part of the equipment equation. Choosing the best driver, irons, and putter for your bag will do you no good if you choose the wrong ladies' golf ball. While there are a wide range of brands available to pick from, not all golf balls will work for your game. You need to understand the different characteristics a golf ball can have and how they impact the results you see on the course. From there, you will be able to pick the best ladies golf ball for you.

Spin Rate. This is probably the most talked about aspect of golf ball design. Different golf balls spin at different rates, and those spin rates have a profound impact on how the ball plays on the course. In general, the more expensive a golf ball is, the more it will spin. This is not a hard and fast rule, but it holds true most of the time. You may have heard that higher spin golf balls are better for your game, but that is not always the case. If you are a player that struggles with hitting the ball straight (i.e. you slice or hook frequently), a high spin golf ball will actually make your problems worse. Remember, a high spin ball spins more in ALL directions. So if you hit a slice with a high spin ball it will slice farther off line than the same shot with a low spin ball. On the positive side, a high spin ball is easier to stop on the greens because of the increased backspin rate. You have to realistically consider what kind of golf game you have and decide if you are capable of handling a high spin ball, or if a lower spin model would be of greater benefit to you.

Firmness. Varying covers on golf balls mean they feel differently when hit on short shots like chips and putts. Often, but not always, the feel of the golf ball correlates with the spin rate - a higher spinning ball will usually feel softer on impact. There isn't really a better-or-worse in this case. Try hitting some putts with a variety of golf balls and decide what feels best to you.

Color. Yes, there are legitimate reasons to use different colored golf balls. In recent years, manufacturers have started making good golf balls in a few different shades for you to choose from. While my recommendation is usually to stick with white, experiment with the others. For instance, a pink golf ball might be a little easier for you to see while it is in flight. Seeing the ball fly better means losing less golf balls - something we can all appreciate.

When it comes down to determining the ‘best' ladies golf ball, it's all about matching up the right ball with your game. Think about the points above, and read some reviews online as well. See what golf balls players of a similar handicap to you are using and give them a try. Most likely, you will need to experiment with a few different brands before you settle in on the ball you like best.


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