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Fabulous Gift Ideas For Women Golfers

Girls just want to have fun on the course, but they also want to look their best. A gorgeous outfit coupled with a nice tan can bring out the best in women in most cases :). Women have a passion for fashion and like to be clad in fun and creative styles. Whether going shopping or playing golf, a matching outfit styled with shades and a cool bag is an important factor for most ladies. If you’re thinking of buying golf gifts for women that love to play golf, then you need to consider three things: Beauty, functionality and convenience. Below are a few gift ideas that you may consider for a woman golfer:

  • Golf Caps - Caps for women come in a range of styles from simple to outrageous. Polka dots, plaid and floral details in feminine shades like pink and purple make golf hats for women very colorful. Caps shield a woman’s face from the sun’s harmful rays and are definitely must have items on the course.
  • Crystal Golf Balls - In vibrant shades of pink, orange, turquoise, yellow and more, these balls are made to be fun and fashionable while providing tour proven performance. They’re easy to spot on the course with their semi transparent crystal look.
  • Ball Markers - Ladybugs, colorful butterflies, bumblebees and flowers among others are lots of fun! In different shades and designs, having a nice ball marker gives any girl more personality while playing golf.
  • Golf Bags - This kind of gift may be quite expensive depending on the brand and style of bag you choose. Durability, style and convenience are important considerations when buying any golf bag. Consider ease of use and extra features like having a stand. Inspect the number of compartments as well. Women like to use golf bags that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also one that is very functional and convenient.
  • Accessory Bags - This kind of bag is convenient enough to be carried around the course; thus, women can place their lipsticks, lip balms, sun blocks and face powders inside the bag. Choose a bag that can be clipped to a golf bag for convenience as well as bags that feature lots of compartments. A nice carryall keeps important items close while having fun on the course.
  • Womens Golf Gloves - Designs for women can go from soft laces and floral details to the more daring animal prints. Choose gloves that allow airflow so the skin stays cool and dry even under the hot sun. Gloves that combine both fashion and functionality can most certainly be a great gift.

There are many more items that you can give women golfers such as shoe bags, ball retrievers, towels and water bottle holders among others. East Coast Golf Sales has a wide selection of golf accessories for all types of women golfers. From ladies golf clubs to balls and gloves, we have it all.

At Christmas time, what better way to gear up for the holiday season than be re-charging your (lady) friend's golf spirit than with a new putter, golf bag, or fill up the Christmas stocking with ball markers, small golf accessories or hey, what about a full bag of clubs! That would be a nice surprise from Santa.

Whether as a mother’s day or anniversary present, golf gifts for women golfers will surely make a girl smile, most especially if the gift comes from the heart.


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